Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UPDATE: Jan. 29/11 Radical Islamic Revolution must be stopped

Word from a variety of sources commenting on the suicide bombing in the Moscow airport is very disturbing. If the perpetrator(s) represent the interests of those in the Caucuses, specifically Islamists who seek both independence from Russia and the establishment of Sharia Law in their newly established Islamic countries, then the phenomenon that we are watching sweep across the globe, Islamic nationalism, fueled by Islamic extremism from a faith perspective, and represented in various situations by both individuals and groups armed with the most primitive of weapons, willing and eager to blow themselves up, while murdering dozens, hundreds or even thousands of innocent 'others' is only growing.
And our capacity to confront this new guerilla warfare is somewhat suspect, given the usual and historic preparations for conflict between nation states that include the army, navy airforce and airplanes, ships, and radar....we are having a little trouble transitioning to a more intelligence-based, and police and detective-operated approach to the problem, and in the course of our "high and mighty" attempts to engage the enemy, we have missed the mark, in many cases.
This conflict is, or appears to be from the outside, a matter of the potential for recruitment, brain-washing and then intensive (or not so intensive) training in the techniques of social interruptions, political assassinations including bombing passenger aircraft while in flight, and thereby creating as much publicity for the 'revolution' as possible.
And this seems, at least to this observer, as a global revolution, founded on religious radicalism, funded by secret and supportive sources, and executed by a small band, or many small bands of religious terrorists.
In Yemen, for example, we learn that the leader of the AlQaeda affiliate in that country, who operates a "university" for the training of terrorists, is a friend of the president, and is given many privileges of insider information almost as a confidante of the country's president. That is hardly a situation that engenders the notion of 'an ally' for the west in this fight. To the contrary, Yemen has the second highest number of guns per person in the population to the United States and is quite successful in recruiting more jihadists for the cause.
If we are facing, at it does appear, a relentless, determined, albeit fragmentary force determined to take over the world, one country at a time, and meanwhile, take as many lives of 'infidels' as possible, and create as much mayhem as possible on a very limited budget, then we are in this conflict for the long haul.
And that long haul could be for the next hundred years.
It is not religious bigotry or racism to suggest that we are unalterably opposed to this 'take-over' movement. When radical Imams in Great Britain preach openly on the street corners that these Islamists want to take over Buckingham Palace leaving the Queen two options, to convert to Islam or to leave the country, although I have never contemplated voluntary enlistment into the military, I am prepared to put my body on the line against such a movement. I, and millions of others, am not willing to permit such a development, no matter the cost.
And the west must develop a united front with a variety of strategic and tactical approaches to meet this violent revolution that continues to creep across the globe both openly and surreptitiously.
These are forces with which we cannot and must not negotiate.
By David Nowak, Asociated Press in Globe and Mail, January 29, 2011
The suicide bomber who killed 35 people at Moscow's busiest airport was deliberately targeting foreigners, investigators said Saturday, which would mark an ominous new tactic by separatist militants in southern Russia if he was recruited by an Islamist terror cell.

Federal investigators know the identity of the bomber, a 20-year-old native of the volatile Caucausus region, where Islamist insurgents have been battling for years for a breakaway state.

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