Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Throw Harper and his gang out! For the sake of the country

Afghanistan, Libya, greenhouse gases and carbon tax, justice and equality for First Nations...all virtually shunned topics in the current campaign for the leadership of the Canadian government for the next several (?) months, perhaps few years.
However, once again, it is our nation's fixation on spending money that takes centre stage, on the morning of the televised debate by leaders in English.
Or, rather, is it our insistence that a quote by the Auditor General from a distant piece of history cannot be inserted into the debate about funding the G-8/G-20, really a re-writing of history to "cover their asses" that we are so upset about? And we should be steaming in our angry push-back!
Governments are usually not defeated by their opponents; they are defeated by their own mistakes; they undo themselves. Surely, after all of the debacles of both commission and omission that can be ascribed to the Harper gang, the Canadian people will finally waken to claim their own government back from the repeated and scurrilous actions and attitudes...especially galling since they are a major part of the record of a government that claimed to be squeeky clean, pristine, morally and ethically pure and determined to restore respectability to the Ottawa scene, following the sponsorship fiasco perpetrated by the Liberals in Quebec.
This space has been, for several months now, dedicated to the termination of the Harper government, as a pale imitation of the policies and practices Ontario grew to detest back in the 1990's under Michael Harris. Many of the same voices are shouting the same slogans and generating the same approaches to governing such as favouring the corporate sector over the people, favouring the rich over the poor, denigrating public services (except for prisons which they want to expand into the biggest industry in the country)...and perhaps now, the country will wake up to the realities that a change to the Liberals would help to restore some balance, some potential to regain that lost seat on the UN Security Council, some hope for the First Nations to gain access to full health care, clean drinking water and a complete education leading to a significant drop in the unemployment rates of their people.

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