Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mean-spirited, deceptive and dangerous is the new Canadian government

With a few days to reflect on the Conservative monstrosity that is now the Canadian government, based on its impermeability (167 of 308 seats) there are some tragic observations that can be made about how the result was manipulated.
When we heard all three opposition leaders, in the campaign, utter the words. "We do not trust Stephen Harper," apparently not enough of us were listening. When the Conservative Party decides, as it apparently did, to target specific groups, such as the Roman Catholic church, and the Jewish community and the several ethnic communities, each with different messages. For the Roman Catholics, it was a hint of removing a woman's right to choose from the foreign aid budget, as a signal of what's to come in Canada; for the Jewish community, it was a stronger "pro Israel" position in the conflict with Palestine; for the various ethnic communities, it was an invitation to share our "family values" as they overlapped the values brought from the homelands.
However, whenever one of the Conservative candidates puhsed "too hard" for example, by declaring that the government would actually terminate the therapeutic abortion option, Harper told reporters he was not going to re-open the abortion debate. On last look, it seemed that there was no "half-way position" here. There is no half a fetus position possible, just as there is no "half-pregnant" position. So we can look forward to the removal of therapeutic abortions from the Canadian Health Act.
With respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict, previous Canadian governments have taken a balanced position, for two states, with mutual guarantees of security, a position that both groups in Canada supported. Now, we have a government that, on one hand, professes to be friend to all various immigrant groups (presumably that includes the large Canadian Islamic population) while also expressing a "pro Israel" position in diplomatic discussions about the Middle East. So, we have to wonder how the Canadian government can play a significant role in fostering a Middle East solution, when it has tipped its hand in favour of Israel.
All of these cynical manoeuvres have been conducted under a shield of "jobs and the economy" as the top priority of the Conservative government.....and yet there is no evidence that their previous policies were better than average in creating jobs and in stabilizing the economy. However, we do know, and can be confident that their financial backers, the large corporations, will continue to throw large cheques to the party, so large in fact, that the government is now committed to the elimination of public fundiong for all political parties, leaving it the sole recipient of the largesse that effectively creates a corporate-government cabal that is running the country. So what is good for the large corporations will become government policy, just as it has with respect to the environment...where nothing has been even attempted on this party's watch.
We can confidently look forward to more of the same, in keeping the wishes of their lobbyists from the large corporations.
We now have TeaPartyNorth in government in Ottawa, and if the world wishes to know how that will play out over the next four years, stay tuned, because political assassination advertising is only the nuclear tip of their poitical missiles. They have ruined the political careers of both Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, both outstanding intellects, and worthy potential Prime Ministers, except for the bags of money that generated those hateful and despicable assassination ads, all of them distortions of the truth, and all of them unworthy of any political party, let alone the one currently in government in Canada.

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