Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Republicans disgrace their country over Iran with talk of war

Yesterday on MSNBC, while watching the Chris Matthews' show, Hardball, I heard Mr. Matthews say, "Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican Leader in the Senate) now wants to pass a "declaration of war against Iran" bill in the Senate, just in case it is needed.
I was so appalled, after having just listened to a speech by Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate, John McCain, on the floor of the Senate calling for United States air strikes on Syria, that I had to leave the room, and take a walk.
What are the Republican "suits" (we cannot even call them talking heads, because they seem to have left their brains at the door) trying to do to the reputation of their own country?
Or, is all this "war talk" more of the Republican campaign to oust President Obama in November by painting him as "soft" on Iran, in their frenzy to stir up once again the "macho" "shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later" gunslinger archetype that got the U.S. into Iraq under Dubya Bush?
It is not surprising, in this context, to watch and listen to President Obama, at his press conference yesterday, as he attempted to quell the talk of war, because it is playing into the hands of Iran, by helping to raise the price of oil, that funds the Iranian nuclear efforts.
Can we hope that the American people are not going to be seduced by these "gun-slinging" Republicans, both in the Senate and on the campaign trail, into voting to oust Obama and replace him with another war-mongering, knee-jerk, gun-slinger onto the world state?
The world is watching!

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