Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Renewed aspirations for this blog...need your help!

Perhaps this blog has been too cautious in the recent past.
  • In supporting Obama, rejecting Romney,
  • opposing Harper, supporting Mulcair,
  • seeking more international co-operation and collaboration especially on issues that impact everyone on the planet, (environment, poverty, hunger, disease, educational opportunities, terrorism and the global economic crisis),
  • in calling for a return to responsible unions and a stop to the union-busting that is the ideal of all corporate board rooms,
  • in positing a more broad, international perspective in Canada, and especially in calling for more scholars and more research in this area, and
  • in calling for the male half of the species to "wake-up" to our own internal, subconscious, inexorable and unstoppable emotional messages, and then to share those messages with our families, especially our spouses,
  • in calling out the massive amounts of hidden cash in foreign, untaxed bank accounts, by rich individuals and corporations as unpatriotic, even a form of white collar terrorism
  • in calling out Republicans for their obstructionist narcissism, in daring to have the gall to announce, "Our number one priority is to assure that Obama is a one-term president," barely veiling their own hidden race baiting
  • in pointing to the many innovations in both scientific and educational thinking and practice
  • in pushing back against the "end of men" theme captured in both The Atlantic and in a book with that title
perhaps the writer has taken a far too comfortable position on too many isssues.
Maybe it is truly time to take the gloves off on  issues that rarely receive front-page coverage in any of the world capital cities:
  • the elimination of nuclear weapons, and the various and complex treaties required to move in that direction
  • the elimination of discrimination against women in all countries, not only through the efforts of NGO's but also through UNESCO educational programs (61 million kids do not attend school every day, largely because they do not have a school to attend...source, Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain, now the UN envoy to solve the problem)
  • the reconciliation of the various world religions, specifically Judaism, Islam and Christianity, through the promotion of the words and work of Karen Armstrong
  • the restoration of truth-telling from all public leaders in all fields including academic, political, economic, financial, medical, pharmaceutical and diplomatic...with pressure on the media outlets to demand full and complete answers, even if and when their acquisition costs social disapproval and perhaps losing a "source" for a period of time
  • the income disparity that has grown around the world, as the rich get richer and more powerful, becoming both the literal and the fugurative "puppeteers" of the decision makers in government
  • the dramatic deterioration of the planet's eco-systems, through the production of human waste, the over-consumption of fossil fuels, the resistance to both research and deploy alternatives, and the resistance to change that infects all large institutions
  • the need for increased and enhanced global treaties and bodies through which to litigate various disputes, in a balanced, and funded and sustainable manner, with all countries participating in their design and execution
  • the pursuit of new technologies, funded both by governments and private sources, that will  compile, analyse and distribute the details of the mountains of information that have already been gathered and will continue to be gathered, in such areas as how we learn, how shop, how we maintain our own health, how we develop and grow, how we sustain relationships....and support the design of both public and private agencies capable of objective analysis, and objective distribution to all sectors of the society, in vocabulary and vehicles accessible to all
  • the generation of flagging interest in public affairs, through programs in citizenship, not only for new immigrants, but also for all secondary students, training that includes the contributions of labour, women, minorities and off-shore ethnicities to the world culture as well as to the national culture where the learning is to be offered
There is a crying need for better coverage, better provocation, enhanced citizen engagement in all countries, by more people representing increasingly diverse interests, ambitions, philosophies and belief systems and to that end, we will dedicate this space to meeting that somewhat vague objective.
It will mean, perhaps, fewer actual blog entries better researched, more bibliographies, more references to the best and brightest minds to which we have access and more interactivity.
How to achieve this last goal: interactivity?
We really need to solicit the participation of those among our readers whose interest has been peeked, whose curiosity has been aroused and whose talents and contributions to our decision making would significantly enhance the reading opportunity we are attempting to offer.
If you have any interest in exploring these ideas, goals, objectives and larger purpose, please feel free to e-mail me a with your comments...
I look forward to growing this publication, with your support and guidance!

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