Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Radical Islamic plot to derail VIA-Rail train foiled...we need more international efforts to stop this scourge

Al-Qaeda linked terrorists allegedly planned to derail VIA passenger train on New York-to-Toronto route

By Stewart Bell, Joe O'Connor, Sarah Boesveld and Adrian Humphreys, National Post, April 22, 2013

An al-Qaeda-linked plot to derail a VIA Rail passenger train on the New York-to-Toronto route was disrupted by police Monday, when two foreign nationals were arrested following an eight-month counter-terrorism investigation that was aided by members of Canada’s Muslim community.

Chiheb Esseghaier, a 30-year-old Tunisian living in Montreal on a student visa, and Raed Jaser, 35, a Palestinian with landed immigrant status who lives in Toronto, were to appear in a downtown Toronto courtroom Tuesday to face charges of conspiracy to commit murder in association with a terrorist group.
The attackers had allegedly received what police called “direction and guidance” from the core of al-Qaeda, operating out of Iran, where some members of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group have operated since fleeing Afghanistan. There was no evidence the plot was sponsored by the Iranian regime. The RCMP said the plot was in the planning stages but not imminent.

Foiled terrorist plots, arrested men, both with radical Islamic leanings, based on evidence that a VIA Rail train from New York to Toronto was to be derailed....and the drama of Islamic radicals holding the world hostage to their beliefs, and their political agenda continues to seep into every corner of the globe.
There are radical elements in all religious faiths; some involve the murder of doctors and nurses who provide therapeutic abortions; however, only among Islamic radicals is the act of terrorism based on the goal of establishing more and more Islamic states under Sharia Law, and in the minds of those holding radical beliefs, martyrdom is the reward for their heinous efforts.
While the rest of the world, non-radical Islamists, can pursue and charge and convict and even "derail" their nefarious plots and plans, it is only other moderate members of Islamic mosques who can and will impact their violence and their disregard of human life, in order to achieve their political/religious goals. And it would seem that from some of the stories emerging from the Boston Marathon bombing, that these perpetrators were shouted down when they railed against the moderate views expressed by the imam in a mosque, and they refused to be "corralled" by the moderates within the mosque.
The containment of this "scourge" of hate crimes against humanity, inflicted by radical Islamists randomly on innocents, especially innocents whose death and dismemberment could garner global publicity as in the Boston Marathon incidents, has to be met with more than surveillance cameras, police dogs and assault weapons...and courts.
It has to be met with persuasive arguments from respected thinkers and imams within the Islamic faith and the work would seem, to an outside observer, to be mountainous....given the numbers and the degree of hard-held beliefs among so many different Islamic groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood currently in power in Egypt and threatening in other Middle Eastern countries, the Iranian Revolutionary Army, Al-Qaeda in all of its many forms, Al-Shabab, Boko Haran, and all of the off-shoots that spring up when two or three radicals decide to become violent, "in the service of Allah!"
When and where is the international initiative to bring the world's governments and the world's courts to bear on this scourge? When will the leaders of the world actually come together to discuss, among themselves, and with Islamic leaders, how this scourge can be diminished if not completely eradicated?
Where are the world leaders who have the courage, the vision and the diplomatic skills to convene such a dialogue, formally, openly and as frequently as necessary to bring these "hate crimes" to an end?

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