Friday, September 13, 2013

Two exciting news developments this week: one into the earth, the other far outside the earth's solar system

Two exciting developments this week: one took us down into the earth's resources, the other scans outer, interstellar space.
In Kenya, through the use of the latest technologies, a sizeable aquifer suitable to provide water to the people of Kenya for the foreseeable future was found....and those responsible for the discovery believe that if they can find water in an aquifer in Kenya, they can find similar aquifers in other African countries. And so, a continent whose people have been suffering from a lack of the source of human life, in both biological and metaphoric terms, water, might be able to move away from their suffering. That could lead to many other positive benefits like improved health, enhanced opportunities to learn, to work, to grow and to access a reasonable, productive and enriched life for the people of Kenya.
In the second exciting development, Voyager 1 has left the earth's solar system and become the first piece of equipment, machine, man-made anything to penetrate interstellar space, where the stars exist. Attached to the little "pod" are two gold "78" records, with instructions as to how to listen to their contents, for anyone/creature who might encounter this "space ship" to discover that there is a form of life on another planet. The technology available back in 1976 when Voyager was launched was primitive by today's standards, but the designers used what they had, what was available.
So just as the world has been transfixed on the details of the Russian-American-Syrian drama over chemical weapons, and the diplomatic efforts continue to emerge from quarters around the globe, including Moscow, Geneva, Washington, London, Paris...and hopefully eventually Bejing, human ambition to continue whatever quest inspires different individuals and teams is demonstrated through two developments, one into the earth's depths, the other through our solar system and beyond.
One can only wonder what information might emerge from both of these developments....and no doubt we will all continue to watch and to inquire, each in our own corner of the universe.

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