Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To Stephen Harper only his will to total control matters....

It does not matter that the bill to suspend three Senators is a "government" bill, the meaning of which is that members of the Conservative Party are under some pressure to vote for it;
  • it also does not matter that the Prime Minister is hanging his political hat, including his political fate, on the banana-republic-like vote;
  • it does not matter that the three senators who have been accused of claiming expenses they did not incur, have not been found to have erred by a half-million-dollar audit by a respected accounting firm, Deloitte;
  • it does not matter that the people of Canada have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to the Senate suspension votes, along with Conservative Members of Parliament, and Conservative Senators and that one MP from Alberta is in communication with the Governor General and expects a wrongful dismissal law suit against the government;
  • it does not matter than the Prime Minister has 'fired' his former Chief of Staff, removed his former leader of the Government in the Senate, and moved other potentially implicated staffers to other departments;
  • it does not matter that Senator Duffy admits his was coached by the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) to deceive the Canadian people;
  • it does not matter that the Prime Minister's office has been asked to release e-mails to the RCMP who are conducting an investigation that could lead to criminal charges;
  • it does not matter that there has been no "due process" whereby all participants have  both the opportunity and the challenge to make their case, and to undergo cross-examination, in order to ascertain the full extent of the truth;
  • it does not matter that the rules under which the Senators who have been suspended were vague, and they were initially informed that they conformed with those rules;
it does not matter....

Stephen Harper, like the self-righteous control-freak demanding absolute papal control of all persons in his "combat division" will move, just as his will demands, over all the exceptions that really do not matter, in his headlong rebuild of Canada, as little more than a third-world developing country, given his refusal to access and to accept and to comply with the hundreds of years of legal history and constitutional democracy, starting with the Magna Carta, and the Habeus Corpus clause that provides innocence until proven guilty..
Those historic realities no longer matter in Stephen Harper's Canada.
But they certainly and unequivocally do in my Canada, and I hope in the Canada of millions of other Canadians.
We will find out in 2015, when the Canadian people have the opportunity to throw Harper and his government out of power at the next election.

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