Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Real Wild West

The Real Wild West

Sun spilled over the continental divide
         on a 1996 September Sunday afternoon,
The wine Subaru cruised curves on this new
                      topography of barren hills
An alien ventured into the northwest corner
                      of a rigidly right-wing state
Of mind
Blindly tempting the boundaries of will
                          and faith and ministry
Greeted by blowing tumbleweed on parched
                         empty streets of a movie fa├žade
For the Butch Cassidy western foretelling the
                        Smith-and-Wesson insurance
Of all the straight-pipe half-tons seemingly
                          blown like vagrant weeds
through the straw-dry dreams of coal-miner
                         imaginations behind a mascara of
black soot, defiant fears, teen wives and mothers
                          and children who are forced
witnesses to their father’s shooting sparrows
                              from clothesline wires
Just to prove their power over all, disdainful
                           of the impact on their innocence
Small-town bigotry targeted “city-slick”, educated
                         ‘sophistication’ of tree-hugging
Environmental sensibility, gun-reform advocacy
                                         and all faith practice
Sustaining racial, gender and ethnic tolerance….
Into this cauldron the man with an alb, a bible,
                                  a chasuble and prayerbook
Reminded observers of a new fawn trying to find
                                       food on a desert mesa
Misfit, alien, dangerous and suspect…..the white-tail
                                        gasped for air and water
In vain…
And lay lifeless forever....

With an 81-13 plurality in favour of trump fascism
                        the county has finally found its

Messiah…………………..while losing all hope!

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