Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Small-town lawyer

he seemed to know the courtroom
         so quietly and elegantly he
walked through the heavy oak doors
and glided into his place at the
of justice
waiting expectantly for the
call to order
to begin his submission
his brief notes summed in one
with respect, Your Honour
my honourable friend has apparently missed the
           filing date for his submission….
Thank you for your comment….
This case is removed from the
                   court docket…
withdrawing to the lawyers
                 change room, he
removed his gown and collar,
        replaced them with his
red plaid shirt and brigham pipe,
filled it with Wakefield tobacco, lit it,
   then pulled on his knee-high rubber boots
for his return to his rural roost
                      smiling every so slightly
at his small-town achievement.

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