Saturday, October 7, 2017

What will it take?

·      Failing to staff the United States State Department
·      Failing to nominate United States Attorneys, after firing several
·      Failing to support, foster and endorse the investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation into Russian activities to influence a presidential election
·      Firing the Deputy Attorney General
·      Firing the Director of the F.B.I.
·      Publicly asking Russia to co-operate with a presidential candidate by releasing an opponent’s emails
·      Participating (vicariously and indirectly) in a meeting to acquire damaging information from Russian sources on a presidential candidate (opponent)
·      Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord
·      Announcing a proposal to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Accord
·      Publicly excoriating the Attorney General for his recusal from the “Russian Investigation”
·      Threatening to pardon staff, family and self, when faced with a Special Prosecutor’s findings on potential collusion of presidential campaign with a foreign enemy
·      Threatening war (“fire and fury”) on North Korea
·      Signing an Executive Order banning LGBT candidates from serving in the U.S. Military
·      Signing an Executive Order banning travel from primarily Islamic nations
·      Selling $300 billion American military materiel to Saudi Arabia over 10 years
·      Threatening, “if we have nuclear weapons why not use them”?
·      Endorsing the acquisition of nuclear weapons by both South Korea and Japan
·      Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency
·      Attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, thereby depriving 20+ millions of existing health care access
·      Failing to discern a moral and ethical difference between White Supremacists including the KKK and opponents in Charlottesville
·      Undermining Cabinet Secretaries by publicly defying attempts to negotiate with North Korea
·      Appointing Cabinet Secretaries whose conflict of interest with the goals, purposes and identities of the departments they lead prejudice their ability to fulfil their oaths
·      Openly accepting payments from foreign governments and their officials to a private for-profit corporation while serving as U.S. president
·      Defying all requests to release tax returns, a convention adhered to by candidates for president for decades
·      Portraying a predecessor as incompetent, “leaving a mess” in his wake
·      Failing to pay attention to the responsibilities of office in the provision of resources in the wake of calamitous hurricanes, leaving many in danger of illness and potential death
·      Declaring, through the Attorney General that DACA has been rescinded, leaving some 800,000+ undocumented immigrants in legal limbo
·      Proposing to sell Patriot Missiles ($8 billion) to Poland (arguing for defense against Russia)
·      Secretly succeeding in revising the Republican campaign manifesto, softening its stance on Russia
·      Misleading the public about “having absolutely no interest in or connection to Russia”
·      Declaring “war” on the mainstream national media by naming both networks and specifically targeting individual reporters as incompetent
·      Engaging in hate speech, through endorsement of white supremacy ideology
·      Taking credit for job “creation and/or preservation” that has no basis in fact
·      Declaring a judge incapable of hearing a case against him, because of his ethnicity (Mexican)
·      Declaring his willing and proud violation of women

While this list is hardly comprehensive, one is moved to ask out loud, what will it take for the United States (legally, morally, ethically, politically and historically) to come to its collective senses, including the full Cabinet, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the F.B.I., the C.I.A., The Pentagon….to act decisively, responsibly and collaboratively to remove this president?

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