Thursday, May 27, 2010

Andrew Cohen: Most Blogs are mere stupidity and

Blogs are often a platform for stupidity and flatulence. Who cares what every jumped-up, self-styled authority thinks about health care or the Middle East?
This from Andrew Cohen's column on Modernity and the plagues of technology.
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Lest this blog be dumped into the trashcan with the word "stupidity" or "flatulence" in graffiti on the outside, let me respond to Mr. Cohen whose mind and writing exemplify elegance, insight and brilliance (no irony!)
It is not that someone so inept as this scribe should or even could presume that someone else might care about what I think about anything!
It is the simple opportunity for me to explore some of these subjects in a way that is ready for someone else to read, even if they choose to dub it stupidity or flatulence.
I am not some undergraduate student in Mr. Cohen's class in either Journalism or International Relations. Nevertheless, I learn something everytime I venture into one of his writings.
Nor am I presuming to be able to out-debate Mr. Cohen whose experience far outshines mine and that of thousands of others.
Each of us is growing, reading, reflecting and for those who choose "to blog" even taking a little more risk than we might if we remained merely authors of a private diary or journal.
And, in the process, we begin to explore the thoughts, insights and observations of others, generalists and amateurs, like us, who are now venturing into the public square, some for the very first time.
I have a deep and profound respect for Mr. Cohen's thoughts, his writing elegance and his insights into many subjects of interest to him, and increasingly to me.
And if this blog is more mere stupidity and flatulence, it is of my making. I take full responsibility, and I hope many others will enter the arena.

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