Saturday, May 22, 2010

Benefits of Research into Male Issues

The largest proportion of behavioural, cognitive and attitudinal problems in schools are involving male students. Why is that? Is it merely because only males are "bad"? Hardly. Perhaps there are changes to the climate and the culture of schools that are desperately needed, in order to accommodate the truth about male students! And males need not apologize for their true identity!
Perhaps, as has been argued by others, the definitions of some of our major conditions, like depression, have come from female symptoms, while male symptoms are very different, and we have been treating the symptoms and not the causes.
By separating out the males from the females, a looking deeply into male biography (including male biology) we might find that we are also treating the symptoms in the courts, in the social service agencies, and in the health care system.
It says here that it takes more courage and true manliness to resist violence, and to work out whatever difficulties may confront anyone, than to pick up arms, or fists, or weapons of any kind, including those of mass destruction, to attack one's opponent!
Another benefit to researching male issues is that we stop the blame game, that is by finding out the real differences between men and women, we also agree to accept what cannot be changed, and learn to celebrate it, including all of its dangerous elements for both genders.
Additional research will also make it possible for women to learn about their life partners in ways not open to them previously, and to learn how to be in relationship with men, on terms that accommmodate both partners, not just one.

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