Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Drone or not to Drone?

To drone or not to drone! That is the question facing military, political and diplomatic experts, including President Obama, in light of the recent bomb scare in Time Square.
As one side has it, when we (The U.S.) doesn't have sufficient information and intelligence, it sends in the drones which, according to the latest figures kill one civilian for every three people killed. "Drones do not a foreign policy make!" was the way one expert put it.
On the other side, keeping the pressure on by sending in the drones as a tactic in the over-all strategy is still an effective way to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy since (we) have killed some of their leadership in by ising the the core of the argument from the other side.
Unfortunately, many of the pundits, including this one, are working from a dearth of information, compared to those actually making the decisions.
And none of us is an "expert," the only qualification for a respected decision-maker these days! (lol)
The trouble is, pushing the limits of our capability with war, including unmanned drones foreshadows more and more weapons and more and more reliance on those weapons growing the importance of the military in our current extremely unstable global economic, political and ecological conditions.
Wouldn't there be a universal welcome for more non-military "solutions" from all quarters, especially given the inordinate cost in dollars and in human lives of the military option?

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