Monday, June 28, 2010

Memo to Peter Milliken: Thanks and Farewell!

Dear Peter: It is with deep sadness that I learn that "you have no plans to run again" in the next election. You have served with honour, distinction and dedication for two-plus decades. And you merit all the thanks you receive from your constituents, friends supporters and donors.

The country is the loser in your retirement. One can only hope that you will now feel free to pursue other more challenging and more imaginative pursuits, at your own time and in your own way, including, one hopes, your memoir, which would also serve your successors with insight.
I have to confess that "no plans" just might mean you have left the door a leadership draft. If that is the case, please count me among those who would support such an option, if events were to unfold in that manner.
It is an honour to have met you, and I wish you good health, peace and joy in your "autumn" years...they really are exciting!

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