Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quebec: Kill the Asbestos "Deal" before it kills Indian Workers

The Quebec government is poised to commit a monumental error. It is about to guarantee a $38 million loan to the city of Asbestos, in that province, for the production of, you guessed it, asbestos, for use in the third world. Using the phoney argument that the product, if handled correctly, is safe, the province is about to create 450 new jobs, mining this deadly substance, which, as one commentator put it, "Is like starting a new industry of Death!"
Two dozen doctors have written to the Quebec Minister of Health pleading with him to acknowledge his significant error in declaring the substance safe for the health of humans.
Video on CBC, The National, June, 29, 2010, shows workers in India working with asbestos without even a mask for protection.
If the Quebec government cannot see or refuses to see the error of its ways, the federal government should step in to block the deal, so that the lives of Indian workers are not compromised and/or lost through this
short-term economic gain for the long-term cancer it will cause both to the workers who handle it and to the Canadian reputation around the world.
Hopefully, the Mayor of Asbestos, himself an avid promoter of the "job creation" aspect of the project, will suffer his own political demise should the deal be finally consummated.

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