Friday, July 2, 2010

Bombing of Trois Riviers Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre, Friday, July 2, 2010

Memo to: Initiative de la résistance internationaliste
So you are opposed to the "corporate oligarchy" and to the war in Afghanistan, and you wrap these objects of your anger around your opposition to the monarchy to whom you believe the soldiers owe their allegiance ("they are not our soldiers, they belong to the one to whom they swear allegiance") and then twenty minutes before you are about to set off an explosion, at 3:00 a.m. on July 2, 2010, in the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre in Trois Riviers, you phone the police, in an "honourable" gesture to prevent injuries.
Your tactics are nothing short of despicable!
Your political act of terrorism is a cowardly reflection both on your individual persons and on your tiny band of terrorists. We (the rest of Canada) had to put up with this sort of belligerence in the 70's, when James Cross was kidnapped, and Pierre LaPorte was murdered because some Quebecers wanted to separate. And, since then, we have "bent over backwards" to make your province and its citizens feel welcome in this country! A Bloc of Members of Parliament numbering some fifty-odd formed to break the country apart are sitting in the House of Commons with full party status, full member salary and benefits and full member pension benefits! Parliament passed the bill giving Quebec "nation" status; Quebec now attends international francophone conferences as an autonomous "state"; more money has flowed to Quebec from Ottawa, per capita, than to any other province; most provinces have French immersion education for their students; Quebec has been permitted to opt out of federal programs, at a rate faster and more comprehensive than many of the citizens of the country would wish; Canadian soldiers are fighting in Kandahar province as part of a national Canadian initiative supported by the federal government, and at least one opposition party.
And you have the arrogance, the sheer stupidity and the utter gall to bomb what I consider "my" Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre. And there are millions of Canadians who feel similarly to the way I feel! How dare you!
Many of us recognize the "oligarchic" nature of corporations, and the ambiguity of the conflict in Afghanistan, and even the ambiguity of many Canadians to the monarchy. Yet, when you resort to violence to make a political point, you have reduced yourselves to the level of Al Qaeda, and the Islamic jihadists who are holding much of the western world hostage to their vicious "destructive" intentions.
Grow up and look around you for the many opportunities you have to make your political points in a peaceful and far more effective manner! You serve no one but your myopic, selfish and immature interests through acts such as this.
Perhaps Canada has been far too accommodating for far too long!

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