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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trust for the "Uncommon" candidate makes Ted Hsu the Liberal Candidate...Congrats!!

While good leaders need a vision, a solid credible background, and an organization that supports that vision, only the last of those three is really available to leaders who generate trust.
It is the sine qua non of all relationships that are both effective and sustainable. Without trust, no relationship has a future!
Trust comes from the man who heard a woman question the veracity of a Canadian birth, only to find the doctor who delivered the man in the audience and link him to the doubter.
Trust comes from the dual citizen, from California, now a Canadian citizen, who sadly bemoaned her lack of patriotism to the country of her birth, only to declare that when she received her Canadian citizenship, "felt that she had truly come home" and shed a few tears.
Trust comes from the innovation leader and consultant who has worked in many countries around the globe, with this very special man, and has returned to the K-Rock Centre to vote for his friend, Ted.
Trust comes from the young busines student, in third year at Queens, who has been appointed scrutineer for the nomination day, and who says that he doesn't know what he might do after graduation, but perhaps a Harvard MBA.
Trust comes from the spouse who supervises the phone volunteers, and declares only a day before the BIG DAY, "Our house is a wreck!" only to find, just thirty hours later, that "she ain't seen nothin' yet."
Trust comes from the member of the immigrant club to which she belongs, only to learn that the candidate also belongs to her organization.
Trust comes from the people who show up to conduct a volunteers' meeting, even if they are, themselves, ineligible to vote in the nomination, because they live outside the city limits, and therefore cannot join the riding association.
Trust comes, too, from the upper-middle-aged woman, who motored from Gananoque, to support her older sister, the former math teacher who now serves as exemplary Campaign Chair.
Trust comes, also, from the emeritus Math professor, who proudly leads the floor volunteers, and coaches one of his neophytes by saying, "I just introduce myself, with my T-shirt on, and see where the conversation goes."
And trust comes from the hundreds who welcomed those reminder phone calls, after having been beseiged by the campaigns of all five candidates, for their vote, and even thanked those who made the calls in a "good on you" kind of way, because they were and are so supportive of this particular, "uncommon" candidate.
And now the question is, "Can that flotilla of transports loaded with trust be translated into an even larger flotilla of transports loaded with even more trust, come the day when the voters go to the polls to vote in the next federal election?"

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