Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sounds of Silence 2016

bodies of babies lying lifeless on
                  Mediterranean beaches
silently screaming…stop the bombs!
stop the missiles!  stop the insanity….
                                  no one listens…
                                           even today the children’s hospital
in Aleppo is bombed!
                       clinging to power with children as
                      invalidates both the power and the
method of holding on
                     the leaders of the world
and their people have all gone


to the pleas of sanity,
                                                             and ethical requirements
of ordinary citizens

                                if we were follow the lead of our

leaders, we would spend the rest of our lives in a cell
                    in ‘enlightened’ countries

and likely tortured in others

                      there is no oversight, no law enforcement, and no courts

                   for those in power

and their files are silently screaming
                                                          like those lifeless bodies
for their attention….
                      war, arms sales, poverty, hunger, clean air, water and conscience

                         the ‘words of the prophets written in graffiti
on tenement walls’
                              have become sets for comedy rants
and funky entertainment

our children’s minds are filled  
                                                     with tactics
for personal aggrandizement
                                               stuffed  with insouciance
and greed
and the narcissism
                                they see everywhere when they look

 will we build walls around men with power-needs to keep them
                           away from nuclear codes and all the
communication devices that command the military

                  the silent cries of lifeless children
                                                           carry our hope
into the corridors of political power…..
                                                               can anybody hear

their deafening, screaming silence of death?

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