Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Men can relate, show empathy and compassion!

My mother groaned
My father wept
As into the world I lept.
(William Blake)

An ad for a token male family physician to join the teaching team at a North York teaching hospital....remains unfilled!
Some 70% of veterinary students are female in Canada and choose to open and operate their own clinics: more money with fewer hours, and since attending to farm animals like cows is both unpleasant and unpaying (comparatively) there could be a shortage of vets for farm animals.
A Massachusetts therapist says the definition of depression comes from female symptoms, while male symptoms are unstudied, and could conceivably show up in violence against self or others, or at least in acting out.
Females dominate both grad schools and white collar professions in North America, refusing, in large numbers, to enter the rough and tumble corporate executive rat-race.
Females are demonstrating both their preference and their strength in "relating" professions like PR, psychology, medicine and are changing the workplace terms of reference. The female is considered to be more empathic, and more compassionate than the male, and is thereby welcomed into these professions. And yet....
Are men, too, not capable of empathy and compassion?
Are men not just as capable of empathy and compassion as women?
Are we moving to an advanced stage similar to the one, a decade ago when only "gay" or at least effeminate men taught kindergarten?
In one Northern Ontario city, during the decade of the 90's, not a single male teacher was hired in the elementary panel!
In one public school board in Ontario, the secondary school "gifted" program serves 95% female students and only 5% male students.
This pattern may not be as urgent as the Bad Petroleum Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico; however,it is a very serious pattern, since males are retreating to their mechanical, electrical, technological, construction, labourer, plumber, electrician, transport driver type jobs...
Are only token men going to enter the healing and relating professions like teaching? And will other men consider these candidates "real men"?
Some women refuse to have a "pap" smear done by a male physician.
Are male patients refusing to have a "prostate" examination by a female physician...because if they are, such examinations are going to become extinct, given the preponderance of female physicians.
Male high school students are living and working in a "female-centred" and a female-dominated culture...and they are not liking it! Nor should they! Their drop-out rate, on both sides of the 49th parallel is growing...and we simply cannot afford to lose their brain power as a national resource...
We have already seen what happens to the mainline protestant churches when they are taken over by the women! The men simply lose their metaphoric spine! To stand up to the women is considered "not politically correct"...or perhaps even (I hate to think this might be the way some think!) "sexist".
Men cannot blame women for the "rise" of women in the professions. We can only congratulate them!
However, whenever a young male demonstrates an interest and a talent in the arts, for example, in the humanities, in the healing professions, that male needs to be identified, mentored and nurtured by male teachers, coaches and role models. He is fast becoming an endangered species.
Both sides of the brains of men and women are needing formation and development; both empathic and executive/mechanical skills are needed by both men and women.
And men need to claim responsibility for their "softer" side, without being denigrated by other men, for being "gay" in a truly "sexist" attitude. Men who find their own "soft" side will be far more likely to advocate that position publicly.
Who is going to speak out for male children?
Who is going to begin to teach teachers about the different needs and capacities of male students?
Who is going to demand some equality for male students?
And don't let me hear, "Oh well, men have had a dominant position for 2000 years, and now it is the females' turn to dominate!"

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