Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Unconscious (Un)Civilization*

So you think the terrorists are not winning, without another "physical attack"?
Let's look at the billions spent on "security" since 9-11. In Canada, there is an outcry about the $1 Billion cost for security for the G-8/G-20 meetings. That, by itself, is a measure of the length we are going to, to state publicly that these leaders will be protected.
And no country, wishing to remain respected among the international community would want to leave any stone unturned, including the deployment of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people and all the latest technology to "cover its ass" should the unthinkable occur.
And yet, every time we hear another announcement about the steps being taken for security, we also hear, "No system is failsafe! Those seeking to do harm could still find a way to execute the most heinous of acts."
The terrorists have created a bonanza for the military/security industry!
The budget of "Homeland Security", while a mere 10% of the cost of wars, represents the filling of another "prescription" to fend off another potential "viral attack" in our increasing addiction to chasing our own tails, the illusion of our own security.
China has already publicly declared that it has decided not to join an arms race with the U.S., preferring the less costly and more effective option of secretly mining such systems as the Pentagon's most sensitive military strategy computers.
So while the public's appetite for dramatic productions of security measures seems infinite, behind the scene, and behind the headlines, our security is being attacked and potentiallly undermined, without our conscious awareness without a single shot (in the traditional military/terrorism arsenal) being fired.
Sounds like the public addiction to prescription and non-prescription drugs for each and every ailment, while also remaining addicted to sugar, guns, booze, porn and joy-sticks.
And we wonder why the "health care" system is going bankrupt!
Enough unconsciousness yet?
* The title is borrowed from John Ralston Saul's remarkable 1995 book, The Unconscious Civilization.

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