Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No money for vets? Scrap the $16 billion for jets!

When I hear a feeral government spokesperson, like Laurie Hahn, on CBC's Power and Politics yesterday decrying the lack of money, in this case, for the treatment of physical and emotional and psychological illnesses being experienced by Canada'a veterans, I want to kick the screen in. The hypocrisy of a government crying "poor" when they have the gall to purchase $16 billion worth of 65 fighter jets, without evening carrying out a tendering process is simply amazing. And even the military are very sceptical about the need for those net jets.
I know I am just another voice "crying in the wilderness" when it comes to government priorities but let's not hear another word about "lack of funds" from this government for homeless veterans, and victims of agent orange, and veterans with PTSD, something that was not diagnosed during the Korean War.
These are conscious choices and they are not made without taking stock of available resources, projected budgets and cost-benefit analyses.
There is just no justification for putting anyone on a public information program having to mouth such dishonesty and such hypocrisy. Do the Canadian people not deserve better from our government?

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