Thursday, November 17, 2016

Eulogy for the Common Good

weather reports depict the next hours,
                           or days
climate forecasts look through a
                                longer lens..
both fail to measure and report
                  the erosion of conscience
the depletion of the natural resource,
                                the common good
as if to hold it up is to honour
                               some communist
while the dictates of fashion moguls, and the
              exclusive lists of the ‘best’ parties
and the Forbes list of billionaires
                    all exhibit a cultish reverence for
               of the ‘big’ names for their clones
of their disdain for the voiceless
                      of the contempt for the imprisoned
many of whom merit amnesty
                                     and rehab…not incarceration..
grace and forgiveness, once cornerstones of
                          public morality, and authentic
                        have been exterminated with the
hundreds of species of flora, fauna and fish
                            in a garbage flooded ecosystem
married to a narcissistic individualism
                          and then
a story of an eleven-year-old’s
lemon-aid stand fundraising for a good cause
                   generates a feel-good news story
like a Zoloft for the masses
                 and an amnesty for our
guilt and our
                                     and our detachment
We are the hollow men T.S. Eliot prophesied
                                             and we stuff our heads
with the straw of illusion
                                        and fame
                                                       and money
Oxford choses “post-truth” as the new word for 2016..
                                        has shame too been exterminated

or merely highly endangered?

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