Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Baseball Game

 sitting on the beach
                             down the south channel
     on a breezy, sunny July afternoon
feeling free and easy as the sand poured through
our fingers and toes
and the seagulls swooped over the water
                   in search of lunch
and two little girls built sand castles
           between swims…
out of the same ‘blue yonder’ that
       brought the birds and their
came an unexpected picture….
                  “Do you want to go to a baseball game tonight?”
“How would we do that?” came the ultra-mature inquiry
from the pre-teen…..
    ‘make and pack some sandwiches and drive to the
game….and then return here’….
“Why not?” she responded….
and after the game, walking past the
              Heidelberg carillon bells in the dark of near-midnight,
The words, “We could never have done this with Mom!”

                                                   Chimed out!

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