Wednesday, May 24, 2017

interview with terror recruit

what is it about the notion of
                  radical terror
that first begged your
was it the thrill promised
             of heroism and
an afterlife with multiple
or perhaps the protection and
           comfort of a gang of
like-minded Muslims
              who are determined to
reek havoc in western towns and cities
       convicted that western morals
are hollow and our women too
unprotected, without cover
               and male accompaniment?
your commitment to sharia is the
         most radical assault on western
judeo-christian history, tradition and
your elimination of infidels, really a
         total ethnic cleansing of all non-muslims
 is a captivating,
                     quixotic nightmare
 your various cells are
           wired to implode in
self-sabotage whether you
      choose to become a
suicide bomber or not…
                your creed and
actions are designed to seduce
            the most ready for
seduction….the cowards, the
bullies, the manipulators, and
             those imams those wings
float on the same toxic perversion
      of what was once a faith
of science, enlightenment, math
                and vision…..
replaced now with web-based, home-made
          bombs of nuts, bolts, nails
and an inferno of self-hate
              projected onto
innocent, perhaps naïve and
         vulnerable children
in Nigeria, Manchester, Mosul
             and Kabul….
there is no allah listening to
         or hearing your hollow
pleas of vacuous and phony
they are merely sticks pounding  
                   on the rocks of empty caves….signifying nihilism and death

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